Medical Screening Services, founded by Ray and Karen Fritsch in 1988, provides worksite and public health screening events with the goal of helping clients attain optimal health by maximizing access and affordability to the latest, science-based preventive health testing.

MSS began its mission of ‘Early Detection and Prevention’ with a focus on heart disease. Highlights of the start-up year included providing cholesterol screening to a local tech firm with ten thousand employees, and screening over five thousand visitors at a weekend health fair in Charlotte. Key to our rapid success were associations we developed with researchers at the Framingham Heart Study and Kodak Clinical Labs. These alliances helped our clients benefit from medical research years before the general public.

MSS continues to offer innovative tests to clients who decide to take active roles in preventive healthcare. New tests include powerful heart disease risk factors such as Particle Size Testing, PlakTrak, and OmegaTrak, along with Alzheimer's Screening-BrainTrak, Infectious Load Monitoring-BacTrak, Lyme Disease testing-LymeTrak, Male/Female Hormone Tests, Adrenal Stress Index(24-hr), Heavy Metals-HairAnalysis, Drinking Water testing, Mother's Milk DHA testing, ultrasound stroke screening, osteoporosis screening-OsteoTrak and breast thermography.