Medical Screening Services offers individuals and businesses comprehensive preventative screenings to help you live a healthy, full life.

Below are some of our most popular tests. If you do not see a test that you need, please call or email to find out availability.

ALCAT Food and Chemical Sensitivity Test

The ALCAT Test identifies reactions to over 300 foods, chemicals and other substances associated with inflamation that are linked to chronic health problems like migranes, aching joints, fatigue, gastrointestinal disorders, eczema, hyperactivity/ADD, asthma, and even obesity. For more information visit

Complete Blood Profile

Includes 23 tests: cholesterol, HDL, LDL, heart/liver/kidney enzymes, glucose, electrolytes, and proteins. Results with definitions are ready in 2-5 days.

Executive Profile

Same as Complete Profile with CBC (red, white, hemoglobin, hct) & Thyroid(TSH). Results available in four to five days.

Executive Heart

Same as Executive Profile above, plus Ferritin, Homocysteine, C-Reactive Protein, VAP, A1c, and fibrinogen. Takes a comprehensive look at lipids and the five major independent risk factors for coronary artery disease.

Syndrome X Profile

Includes Complete Blood Profile above plus fasting insulin and hemoglobin A1c. Helps gauge risk for diabetes.

Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA)

Great indicator of prostate health. Receive results in five days. Includes participant education program, promotion materials, and follow-up/referral.

Colon Cancer Screening

This fecal occult blood test includes complete instructions provided in a take-home kit and detects pre-cancerous polyps. A recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine showed a 20% reduction in colon cancer when this test was used.


Includes ten analytes (sugar, blood, protein, keytones, etc.) with microscopic exam if needed.

Body Fat Percentage

Measurement of body fat percent. Skin fold caliper method does not require disrobing or the use of electrodes.

Osteoporosis (BMD)

Test measures bone mineral density and compares it to age adjusted guidelines. Simple, FDA-approved ultrasound is painless and non-invasive. Immediate, hard copy results are easy to understand and include counseling and referral. A seminar on common misconceptions, prevalence, risk factors, prevention, and treatment is available.

Ankle/Brachial Pressure Index (ABI)

Ultrasound pulse Doppler measurement for peripheral vascular disease developed by the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. A recent study showed ABPI levels below .9 to be the strongest measured predictor of heart attack and stroke in asymptomatic adults between age 40 and 45.


Homocysteine is a by-product of protein (amino acid methionine) metabolism and is thought to increase oxidation of LDL and facilitate platelet aggregation which promotes clotting.

C-Reactive Protein

C-reactive protein is a marker of inflammation. The inflammatory process attacks the cap of arterial plaques causing plaque to rupture, form clot, and block artery.